Technical Capability

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Castings can be produced including but not limited to the following:
  ♦ Gray iron including ASTM A48(Class 20-40)
  ♦Ductile Iron including ASTM A536(Grade 60-40-18, 65-45-12, 70-50-05, 80-55-06)
  ♦Carbon steel and alloy steel ASTM A27(Grade 70-40), A148(Grade 90-60), WCB, LCC
  ♦AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel
  ♦Aluminum Alloy ASTM A356 , 319 , 359 , 357,308 ,380 etc
Castings are made using the most appropriate casting methods based on the material and physical form of the part. Some of our current casting methods are:
♦ Green sand casting
♦Resin sand casting
♦Lost-wax casting method(water-glass and silica sol).
♦Low pressure Casting ,
♦Gravity casting ,
♦Permanent mould casting ,
♦Investment casting
♦Vacuum molding system
♦Die casting
Castings are machined using fixtures and jigs to assure accuracy and repeatability. We have a large variety of machines
available to meet most needs including:
 ♦CNC Machining Centers
 ♦ CNC Lathes
 ♦CNC Milling Machines
 ♦Manual Lathes, Milling Machine, Planner, Grinder, Drilling Machines
 ♦Vertical Boring lathes
Annealing, normalizing, tempering, quenching can be applied according to customer’s requirements.
Castings can be primer coated, powder-coated, epoxy coated, galvanized, dacrometed, passivated on as-cast surfaces
and a corrosion inhibitor on the machined surfaces.
Patterns are manufactured at specialized pattern shops out of aluminum to insure molding quality and repeatability.
Parts are inspected prior to shipping by on site inspectors utilizing standard testing and inspection methods.
 ♦Chemical Analysis
 ♦Mechanical Testing
 ♦Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
 ♦ Magnetic Particle Inspection
 ♦Ultrasonic Inspection
 ♦Special testing can also be conducted with external test center’s assistance based on customer’s requirements.